Re: HTML v2.0 focus and closure

Francois Yergeau (
Thu, 25 May 95 11:14:38 EDT

>Date: Thu, 25 May 95 09:18:28 EDT
>From: kball@kballuw.SJF.Novell.COM (Keith Ball)
>The discussions on additional
>changes, such as the I18N issue, while they are important and must be
>addressed in HTML, stray from the fact that they are not current
>practice and should be left to the next version of HTML.

On the contrary, the i18n issue is very much current practice. Take a
look at It
has been agreed, however, that most of the i18n issues are to be
addressed in a document separate from the 2.0 spec, which I hope to
produce soon with the help of Gavin Nicol and Glenn Adams.

The main concerns for 2.0 w/r to i18n are not to close the door, and
not do something we would regret later.

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