Re: How do you include a <INPUT TYPE="IMAGE"> to work?

Daniel W. Connolly (
Thu, 8 Jun 95 10:52:53 EDT

In message <>, wr
>I'm including the HTML working group in the distribution of this message
>because it's starting to appear that an interpretation ruling is needed to
>resolve this issue.
>Remembering the narrative language of an earlier HTML
>specification, I posted that:
>|> Yes a name IS required -- it's optional only for TYPE=RESET and
>|> TYPE=SUBMIT. The co-ordinates are transmitted as fieldName.x and
>|> fieldName.y, and the behavior you describe is an attempt by Mosaic to
>|> handle invalid HTML -- other browsers do other things, most of which
>|> are unamusing.
>Pero replied:
>|"an attempt by Mosaic"? Netscape handles it as well. Unless you
>|can point me to the URL where this is said to be "official", I'm still
>|going to believe that the NAME is an optional tag.

>Was it the intent of the Working Group to require that all form elements
>be named?

Given that "other browsers do other things," I believe so.

The current draft says:

Hypertext Markup Language - 2.0 - Forms
Sat Jun 3 20:37:34 1995

|... The names are specified on the NAME attributes of form input
|elements, and the values are given initial values by various forms of
|markup and edited by the user.

Regarding <input type=image>, it says:

|... The names of the data are the name of this element with `.x' and
|`.y' appended.

Only the DTD suggests that the NAME attribute could be omitted.

> If so, could there be some mention of this in the spec?

Hmmm... I suppose in light of that, the DTD could use a comment
or the prose could use a clarification.

How about this:

diff -b -w -u -r1.8 forms.sgm
--- 1.8 1995/06/03 18:59:56
+++ forms.sgm 1995/06/07 16:47:19
@@ -54,7 +55,8 @@
scroll appropriately. The default number of characters is unlimited.

<tli>NAME: symbolic name for the form field corresponding to this
-element or group of elements.
+element or group of elements. The <attr/NAME/ attribute is required
+except in the case of <code/TYPE=SUBMIT/ or <code/TYPE=RESET/.

<tli>SIZE: specifies the amount of display space allocated to this
input field according to its type.