Re: A/LINK attributes
Tue, 20 Jun 95 09:30:28 EDT

> As an HTML author, I would prefer a "flash which lights up as the pointer
> passes over" to be represented by an attribute with a clear name, such as
> <link href="..." title="Vacation" message="See why Chevy Chase left MD">
> -Walter

I and Davide would prefer, too.
And modifying the cursor shape would even be more useful.

See msg from, date Wed Jun 7.
Is there any browser which implements such a feature?

Showing a message or modifying the cursor could be a good idea to give HTML
authors more flexibility in writing interactive documents.

your <link href="..." title="Vacation" message="See... ...> looks good.

Implementing cursor shape, we could use

<link href="..." title="Vacation" cursor="ChevyChase.gif">

or we could combine this format with a 'SRC=' reference.

|, Stefano Mondo
|, Davide Bacchiega
|Dept. Informatica, Univ. Turin, Italy.