Murray Maloney (murray@sco.COM)
Tue, 20 Jun 95 16:06:38 EDT

Murray Maloney writes:
> First, let me clarify to make sure we're all talking about
> the same thing -- the TITLE attribute on the A and LINK elements.
> Not the <TITLE> element which is displayed by most user agents.
> The TITLE attribute is not displayed by any user agents that
> I am aware of -- although I confess that I only use three or four.
> SCO is planning to use the TITLE attribute value to display
> it in the information area where the URL of a pointed-to anchor
> is currently displayed.

I should have said -- in addition to the URL.
> For an anchor with a mailto: URL, there is not much use for
> a TITLE attribute except, perhaps, to say "Send mail to ...."
> Like others, I have commented recently that it would be
> handy if the user agent would fill in the subject on a mailto:
> so that I wouldn't have to -- not in all cases, but in some.
> It may be a bit inelegant to overload the TITLE attribute,
> but it is equally inelegant to introduce a SUBJECT attribute
> which is only used whene the URL scheme is mailto:
> Murray