Re: Correct syntax of <LI> tags

Thu, 22 Jun 95 02:14:25 EDT

I can't find the beginning of this thread (a jump from email?), but in
any case, it saves me the trouble of raising the issue. One action
item that came out of last week's DSSSL WG meeting in Milpitas was to
ask this group to clarify the expected behavior of browsers with
regard to white space. We gather from the spec and from the behavior
of representative browsers that multiple spaces in regular text are
expected to be reduced to single spaces and that spaces at the
beginnings of paragraphs and similar "block structuring elements" are
to be ignored, but current versions of Netscape and Mosaic disagree on
the treatment of leading spaces in <LI>. We would like to see this
resolved in the specification.

Speaking only for myself now, I agree with Murray that the user agent
should respect white space between the <LI> tag and subsequent text.
I would go even further and say that I think that it should respect
leading white space in paragraphs. But the important thing is that
the behavior should be clearly specified one way or the other.


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