Re: InsignificantTypo man's crazy idea

Walter Ian Kaye (boo@PrimeNet.Com)
Thu, 22 Jun 95 02:32:48 EDT

At 05:25p 06/21/95, Philip Merrill wrote:

><d:\gamever2\> weapons\Cajuns.htm
>such that HTML documents' URL would only contain: "weapons\Cajuns.htm"
>[of course the HTML document would have to include an element or appropriate
>symbol before the relative path table.]
>and the user (in the example) would set his variable path element to:

Well, on my Mac "weapons\Cajuns.htm" would be "weapons:Cajuns.html", so
it's broken already. ;) Besides, my computer and I are non-violent!

Seriously, relative URLs are already in use, browsers use user-configured
helper applications, and URNs are coming. Do none of these three mechanisms
suffice for the usage you have in mind? Remember you can also set up a
custom protocol, which itself could incorporate the structure you seek, and
that structure could invoke a parser utilizing your naming scheme. (That
wasn't very clear, was it -- well, you get the idea.)