Use of ALIGN attribute with ADDRESS (html 3.0)

361 Lauritsen, x8379 (x8379)"
Sun, 25 Jun 95 19:22:00 EDT

As a result of a discussion ("Centering Text") in the c.i.w.authoring.html
Usenet newsgroup, it has been revealed that the ADDRESS element does not
support the ALIGN attribute.

According to the March 28 draft <URL:>, the content
model for ADDRESS is "P or %text" (<URL:>. Since the ADDRESS
element is a peer of paragraphs and headings, and it's content model is P, it
seems to me that it should support the ALIGN attribute, to allow control over
the rendering of the content in a manner analogous to the control of
paragraphs and headings.

I know such control can, in principle, be handled through style sheets, but
that logic would dictate the eliminate of ALIGN entirely, which does not seem
consistent or reasonable. Adding the ALIGN attribute to the ADDRESS element,
making it consistent with other %body.content containers, seems a much simpler
and more consistent method.
-- Mike Kelsey