Ian Graham (
Wed, 5 Jul 95 09:50:06 EDT

Peter Flynn writes:
> Terry Allen writes:
> > There is currently no overlap between the allowable contents of HEAD
> > and BODY. The case given below merely proves the point. Once you
> > hit something not allowed in HEAD (the free text "abc") you're in
> > BODY.

Except for ISINDEX, of course ;-).

Is there any reason that a revised (next edition: NOT 2.0!) HTML spec could
not make HEAD and BODY elements mandatory, with an *advisory* to support
their absence through a suitable parsing of head/body content elements?
By and large, gentle authors do what the HTML spec formally says is
allowed. Right now ,it says that HEAD is optional, so it gets left out.

> Only if you're doing strict SGML parsing. Most browsers don't do this,
> so they can bend the rules if they wish, to cater for garbage inserted
> by the unwary or untrained user.
> ///Peter