Re: Suggestion for HTML Text Format Elements

Scott E. Preece (
Wed, 5 Jul 95 09:56:36 EDT

From: (Amanda Walker)
| Indeed, where "right" is almost universally defined as "how Netscape draws
| it". Personally, I hope that as browser add support for Adobe PDF, that
| content will split into Acrobat pages (from content authors who want
| precise control over appearance) and HTML (from content providers who
| care more about content than appearance). I think this would be a very
| healthy development. It's certainly better at reinventing ODA (which can
| mix structural & visual markup, but is almost impossible to write by hand,
| even in SGML syntax).

I think the coming of Acrobat is going to make the Web-as-we-know-it much less useful. I suspect common ("less-skilled-user) tools will make WYSIWYG preparation and Acrobat distribution the norm, losing us the gains we've made towards meaningfully tagged content. What the world *really* needs is SGML markup, with a way to send SGML-to-HTML conversion information along with the document; what I think we're going to get is pictures of information...


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