Re: HTML 2.0 DTD

Daniel W. Connolly (
Fri, 7 Jul 95 17:18:26 EDT

In message <9507071954.AA04934@phaser>, "Christopher R. Maden" writes:
> However,
>the current model for <title>:
>would then allow <meta> and <link> to occur *within* the <title>.
>This was probably not what was intended. An exclusion exception would
>fix this:

Oops! Good catch. Sigh... I *really* don't want to spin another
draft of the 2.0 spec. Would anybody mind if we left this bug
in there?

>Note that the asterisk in the content model isn't necessary - #PCDATA
>is any amount of parsed character data, and zero or more occurences of
>any amount is still any amount.

Yes, but someone (Paul Grosso?) suggested that #PCDATA makes folks
think that one or more characters is required, whereas (#PCDATA)*
tells folks that zero characters is a possibility.