Christopher R. Maden (
Fri, 7 Jul 95 16:44:40 EDT

Last minute notes on the latest revision of the HTML 2.0 DTD:
$Id: html.dtd,v 1.28 1995/06/16 18:54:22 connolly Exp $

The content model for <head> uses an inclusion exception:

<!ELEMENT HEAD O O (%head.content) +(META|LINK)>

This generally a good idea, allowing <meta> and <link> elements to
float within the <head> amongst the other ordered elements. However,
the current model for <title>:


would then allow <meta> and <link> to occur *within* the <title>.
This was probably not what was intended. An exclusion exception would
fix this:


Note that the asterisk in the content model isn't necessary - #PCDATA
is any amount of parsed character data, and zero or more occurences of
any amount is still any amount.


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