Re: mailto and subjects

Tom Magliery (
Mon, 10 Jul 95 17:50:19 EDT

>I recently read a post about using the TITLE attribute on the FORM tag to
>generate subject headings for forms being submitted using mailto URL's.
>Specifically I've read a post saying the Mosaic would support this in it's
>next release.

Some clarification (it was probably my posting that you read, in one of the
web newsgroups): The TITLE attribute is on <A>, not on <FORM>. On A
elements with mailto URLs, NCSA Mosaic for Windows 2.0 B5 (not the Mac or X
versions yet) uses the TITLE attribute as a default Subject: heading for
the mail message. The user can still change it when the message-edit
window comes up.

Beta 5 is, I believe, being released today. You know how these things go,
though. You can't blame me if I lied. :-) I expect us to support the
mailserver URL reasonably soon as well, though not in this release. (And
I'd expect Windows to be ahead of Mac and X there as well.)

None of this means we can't/won't think about the ideas suggested in Jon's note.


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