mailto and subjects
Mon, 10 Jul 95 16:48:24 EDT

I recently read a post about using the TITLE attribute on the FORM tag to
generate subject headings for forms being submitted using mailto URL's.
Specifically I've read a post saying the Mosaic would support this in it's
next release.

I would like to propose a different mechanism for mailto. The idea is to use
hidden form fields instead of attribute tags. When processing the mailto URL
the browser would look for form fields whose name matches mail header lines
such as To, CC, Subject, etc. These form fields would then be copied into the
appropriate places in the mailto submission to the mail server. Note that
these fields do not have to be hidden; the method supports end-user editing
of the fields.

This system should have no compatibility problems with older browsers. Older
browsers would simply submit the fields using the existing mechanism. I
believe the form field system to be more extensible and flexible than the
HTML attribute method.

I have already implemented this method in an unreleased browser without
running into any problems. I'd would like to see the issue of subject lines
and mailto discussed before various incompatible methods are in widespread

Jon Smirl,
(I'm not an AOL employee)