Re: A good how-to write HTML guide

Sean Bolt (
Thu, 13 Jul 95 09:21:35 EDT

> > And it is imperative that someone create an accurate, useful document
> > (online, published book, whatever) that consisely details how to write
> > correct HTML, according to the final standard. The wide variety of editors
> > that don't quite follow the standard needleslly complicates understanding
> > of the correct syntax, and we need to counter that.
I'm not sure how useful it will be, but I am currently working on a W3
reference to the HTML3 language. It breaks up elements by content (BODY,
HEAD), and category (Ordereed list, math, etc). Each entry gives a
description, min/man attributes, what the attributes are/do, what elements
it can contain and be contained in, and requiremtns of open & close tags.
It's pretty much aimed at those that know the basics (ie, *what* HTML is),
and want to find the syntax for an element.
At some later date it might include a intro guide as well.. As it stands
however, it is woefully incomplete as my job as admin always gets in the
way ;) Though hopefully, I should be able to start back up again, as I've
got a new assistant...
Regardless, if you want to look try:
If there is actual interest in it, then I'll try to get it finished
sooner than later...

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