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Peter Flynn (
Thu, 13 Jul 95 09:58:38 EDT

Dave Morris writes:

On Thu, 13 Jul 1995, Peter K. Sheerin wrote:

> And it is imperative that someone create an accurate, useful document
> (online, published book, whatever) that consisely details how to write
> correct HTML, according to the final standard. The wide variety of editors
> that don't quite follow the standard needleslly complicates understanding
> of the correct syntax, and we need to counter that.

Yeah, some of the 'experts' write books that seem to show to users that
<p> is a hard carriage return and not a container of the paragraph

<plug quality=unashamed>
Modestly compels me to point out that my book does not commit this
error :-) and does indeed detail concisely exactly how to write valid
HTML according to as final a standard as was in effect - oh, about 9
weeks ago when it went to final proofs.


"The WorldWideWeb Handbook" is published by International Thomson
Computer Press. Details, a sample chapter, TOC, the foreword,
bibliographic record (below), and a freebie HTML reference card online
as well as in A4 and Letter size are available at

author = "Peter Flynn",
title = "The WorldWideWeb Handbook",
publisher = "International Thomson Computer Press",
year = 1995,
key = "ISBN 1--85032--205--8",
address = "Boston and London.
edition = "1st edition",
month = "June",
note = "Three sections deal with (1) Getting connected to
the Internet and using Internet software; (2)
Writing HTML (2.0) files for the WorldWideWeb; (3)
Running a HTTP server and providing a Web service.
Author is a member of the IETF Working Group on
HTML. Text includes additional material on SGML;
choice of editors, browsers and servers; copyright
and intellectual property; and advance details of
pages = 350,
price = "USD 38.50 approx GBP 27.00"