Re: Displaying Control Characters

Terry Allen (
Wed, 19 Jul 95 15:04:05 EDT

Another thought: if people are dead set on displaying meaningless
junk in a browser (rather than in an HTML *editor*, where it would
be appropriate), we could change the SGML decl so that the characters
in question *are* part of the doc charset. Then I could still use
SGML tools (widely distributed, in use, proven ...) to parse HTML
in the manner browsers are expected to.

That wouldn't handle such errors as �, but this thread
began, I thought, with the issue of real characters that just aren't
in the doc charset.

Also think on the certainty that if users can get a visual effect
by typing something, meaningless though it be, they will use it.
Thus displaying errors will turn into "wow, what a cool effect."


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