Re(2):keyword tag...

Lon Koenig (
Fri, 21 Jul 95 10:26:38 EDT

> Actually, the main reason for my posting is to find out if there is
> any reserved word I can use to associate a set of keywords with a
> destination anchor which lies in the middle of a document (such as
> <A NAME="a_destination">). In this case, BANNER doesn't apply

I simply suggested <BANNER> as a method for creating the interface MECHANICS
for your
original idea of a scrolling index with fields and buttons.

>From what I gather, HTML is supposed to mark up individual documents. My
original suggestion
on implementing the index was to do it when you create the documents and
maintain your own
database at the server. This would be a way-cool feature to implement in an
HTML editor. (Many
WP programs now have indexing capabilities.) Then a simple cgi could be used
to look up the

As I mentioned before, I maintain a lot of my HTML in a {gasp} HyperCard stack
which does things
like replace a bunch of symbols with their actual values before it exports the
file. You could easily
set up a macro in most editors to do something similar.