Re: Re(2):keyword tag...

Ian Graham (
Fri, 21 Jul 95 10:45:39 EDT

> > Actually, the main reason for my posting is to find out if there is
> > any reserved word I can use to associate a set of keywords with a
> > destination anchor which lies in the middle of a document (such as
> > <A NAME="a_destination">). In this case, BANNER doesn't apply
> I simply suggested <BANNER> as a method for creating the interface MECHANICS
> for your
> original idea of a scrolling index with fields and buttons.
> From what I gather, HTML is supposed to mark up individual documents. My
> original suggestion
> on implementing the index was to do it when you create the documents and
> maintain your own
> database at the server. This would be a way-cool feature to implement in an
> HTML editor. (Many
> WP programs now have indexing capabilities.) Then a simple cgi could be used
> to look up the
> reference.
> -Lon

The latex2html conversion package does something very similar to this, but
starting from latex of course. Latex cross-references and indexes are
dynamically converted to html references when the latex file is converted
to HTML. You get a fixed HTML index document (not cgi), but you can always
remake the index every time you change the original latex docs.

If you want to know more about it, have a look at: