Re: Default entities and AT&T

Peter Flynn (
Mon, 24 Jul 95 18:09:03 EDT

The basic question I am asking is: What is the official HTML2 specified way
of handling undefined entities?

1) it is undefined
2) use SGML processing and return the default entity if defined, null if not.
3) break with SGML and return the entity name.

Away from my desk, but I don't think it's defined in the spec (someone
will shout if that's wrong). I assume you mean a character entity like
&zogonek;, not an unresolved parameter entity. I think current
practice is just to display the unresolved entity name in full,
including ampersand and (hopefully) semicolon (like most browsers
return &nbsp: still).

I know what I'd _like_ to see browsers doing, but that's not a matter
for this list.