Re: Language Markup

Terry Allen (
Sat, 29 Jul 95 00:48:15 EDT

| >I suggest then that a new common attribute LANG be added to all
| >elements (is it appropriate for all the FORM elements?) as part of
| >the move to 10646 as the document charset.
| I'm sorry to say this, btu can we hold off on such discussion for the
| moment. As you are all aware, there are RFC's being written to address
| these things, and discussion now just distracts us from the more
| important task of writing them.

Gavin, you've said you're too busy to write one. I can hardly be
distracting you. I was responding to the minutes of the Stockholm
meeting, in which it was noted that apparently no one *is* writing
a draft (so Dan has volunteered to do it). In particular, I was
disputing the assertion in the minutes:

| Language tags were a different issue. They should not be lumped
| together with "charset" or SUP/SUB as one would hold the otehr back.
| Some work on laguage tags has been done and should be
| disenterred.

Surely this is a proper time to do so.


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