Re: Language Markup

Gavin Nicol (
Sat, 29 Jul 95 01:01:03 EDT

>Gavin, you've said you're too busy to write one. I can hardly be
>distracting you. I was responding to the minutes of the Stockholm
>meeting, in which it was noted that apparently no one *is* writing
>a draft (so Dan has volunteered to do it). In particular, I was
>disputing the assertion in the minutes:

This is quite mistaken. If you look back through the archives, you'll
see that Francois and I have both stated that RFC writing was
progressing, but slower than we'd like due to work pressures. I have a
small amount of time opening up soon, and would prefer to devote it to
writing RFC's than discussing the issues (again!) on the mailing list.

So please, hold off on discussion, and RFC writing. We should be able
to get something out sometime in August.