Re: Draft minutes from Stockholm

Francois Yergeau (
Sat, 29 Jul 95 14:09:02 EDT

>Date: Fri, 28 Jul 95 17:22:27 EDT
>From: (Eric W. Sink)
>7. Internationalization.
>No one in the roomwas doing anything to further any spec writing here,
>and previous volunteers had gone quiet. Dan Connolly volunteered
>to see to the writing of a spec for the charset parameter, by delegation
>or action as need be, by December.

Oops! I know it's not going fast, but I am still writing the draft
for that with Gavin Nicol, Glenn Adams and Martin Duerst. It's coming
along well, I have some time available now, and I should have
something ready by the end of next week or very soon thereafter.

>Language tags were a different issue. They should not be lumped
>together with "charset" or SUP/SUB as one would hold the otehr back.
>Some work on laguage tags has been done and should be

I already have a section on language tags written up in the HTML i18n
draft. It is very much taken straight from the HTML3 draft, with the
difference that the values are according to RFC 1766.

>6. New agenda item: Process, document version naming.
>The consensus was that changes to the spec should be small standards
>and that "glue" documents defining new standard levels in terms of those RFCs
>would be released from time to time.

On that subject, I find myself modifying the HTML 2 DTD quite
extensively (in particular, the LANG attribute goes almost
everywhere); consequently, I plan to include a new DTD in the i18n
draft. It could then serve as such a glue document, if all changes
adopted before it are incorporated.

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