Re: Draft minutes from Stockholm

Terry Allen (
Sat, 29 Jul 95 18:07:59 EDT

>On that subject, I find myself modifying the HTML 2 DTD quite
extensively (in particular, the LANG attribute goes almost
everywhere); consequently, I plan to include a new DTD in the i18n
draft. It could then serve as such a glue document, if all changes
adopted before it are incorporated.

I think that is a good strategy, as there should always be a DTD
that can be pointed to as the one matching the current version
number. Also supplied should be an SGML declaration that defines
a doc charset that includes only those code points for which
characters have been defined. (If you want to supply a short
decl that defines a doc charset covering the whole 10646 namespace,
that's fine, but the other is needed, too.)

I look forward to reading your draft.


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