Is this use of BASE kosher?

Peter K. Sheerin (
Sat, 29 Jul 95 20:52:04 EDT

I ran across someone with a very interesting document, that has a bunch of
relative links that don't work, because of the presense of a BASE URL in
the document header.

I thought the spec was pretty clear on this point, but the author of this
page seems to disaggree 180 degrees with me.

The spec says:
(Section 5.2.2. in the June 16'th draft)
The optional <base> element specifies the base address for resolving
relative links from the document, overriding any context otherwise known
to the user agent. The required HREF attribute specifies the RUI for
navigating the document (see 7, "Hyperlinks"). The alue of the HREF
attribute must be an absolute URI.

The URL used here, though, points to an entirely different page -- one
which doesn't contain the named sections specified in the relative URLs.

I have had one or two emails with the webmaster for the site, but he seems
convinced that this problem is a bug in Netscape, while it seems to me to
be his misinterpretation of the spec and the resulting inclusion of an
improper BASE URL reference. Which of us is right?

I've excerpted portions of the document below.

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