Terry Allen (
Tue, 1 Aug 95 15:18:51 EDT

>I suggested a long time ago that anchor names should be SGML IDs.
This would eliminate the need to express an anchor name of "ab/cde",
but it would introduce case-folding.

And indeed this is what's in the Recommended version of 2.0:

<![ %HTML.Recommended [
<!ENTITY % linkName "ID">

But case-folding is only part of it. An ID is an SGML NAME,
which given the sdecl must start with A-Za-z and may be followed
only by A-Za-z0-9.- . That is sufficiently restrictive that
given current usage, no intelligent implementor will attempt
to enforce it.

Might as well give up on this one and ditch the Recommended form
(not in 2.0, but when we get around to it).


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