Re: NAME as ID

Ian Graham (
Tue, 1 Aug 95 17:31:04 EDT

Terry Allen ( said:
> Dan:
> >I suggested a long time ago that anchor names should be SGML IDs.
> This would eliminate the need to express an anchor name of "ab/cde",
> but it would introduce case-folding.
> And indeed this is what's in the Recommended version of 2.0:
> <![ %HTML.Recommended [
> <!ENTITY % linkName "ID">
> ]]>
> But case-folding is only part of it. An ID is an SGML NAME,
> which given the sdecl must start with A-Za-z and may be followed
> only by A-Za-z0-9.- . That is sufficiently restrictive that
> given current usage, no intelligent implementor will attempt
> to enforce it.
> Might as well give up on this one and ditch the Recommended form
> (not in 2.0, but when we get around to it).

Yes, this would be a Good Thing in terms of current and likely
future multilingual use. It is often convenient to give IDs
a semantically meaningful name, in the appropriate language.
This means that a linkName should allow either entity names or
non-ascii position characters (or both), neither of which are
possible if linkNames are NAMEs.