Re: non-ascii markup? [was: NAME as ID ]

Gavin Nicol (
Wed, 2 Aug 95 23:00:58 EDT

>Hang on... you're talking about non-western writing systems inside
>attribute values? I hope not. I don't expect the _syntax characer
>set_, i.e. the coded character set used for markup (including
>attribute value literals) of HTML ever to be anything other than ISO
>646 IRV (aka 7 bit ASCII).

I proposed adopting the ERCS a long time ago, but fixing the syntax
character set is certainly not as important as fixing the document
character set, even though I still think it should be done. This
discussion *might* be more appropriate in the MIME-SGML mailing
list. My guess is the most SGML-aware systems will work toward the
system character set being ISO 10646, and supporting ERCS.