Re: draft-ietf-html-table...

Lou Montulli (
Thu, 3 Aug 95 20:01:44 EDT

In article <> "Terry Allen" <>
> (this is a resend)
> >But, I'll bet if you asked Netscape they'd say it would make their lives
> marginally easier if they were able to keep their BORDER attribute
> distinct from whatever the standard uses. I imagine they're going to
> want to preserve their existing behavior essentially forever, to keep
> their customers happy, in addition to whatever the standard mandates.
> Nice pun in "marginally". Thanks for the explanation. I think it's
> up to Netscape, which may have different views, to communicate whatever
> views they have on the topic (and indeed, the whole tables draft) to
> this group. Lou, you were at Danvers; how do you feel about this
> proposal?

I think the draft spec should avoid the conflict with BORDER and
use BORDERSTYLE or something similar. We have been very good
about not introducing conflicts between any of our extensions
and existing specifications and would appreciate the same in return.

Since there are lots of people using BORDER in current documents
they obviously find it useful, therefore you should consider adding
BORDER as well as BORDERSTYLE to the table spec. If you argue
that it belongs in stylesheets I can understand that, but then why
are you adding BORDERSTYLE as an attribute and not as part of a


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