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Fri, 4 Aug 95 03:51:14 EDT

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> I'm glad to hear it! However, in the meantime, the number of documents
> that use <CENTER> continues to grow. Why not put something in your
> extensions document [1] to the effect of "we strongly encourage HTML
> authors to use <H? ALIGN=CENTER> and <P ALIGN=CENTER> whenever possible,"
> and promote this usage by doing similarly in your own pages?

Nice words. But words. This kind of "promotion" could be absolutely
We have to consider the following points:

* "netscape extensions" are commonly used around the planet
* they have shown interesting ways of developments but sometimes
unfortunate implementations
* the cost (US$) of their adaptation to a new standard
is already enormous, incredible, absurd (webmaster@ speaking...)
* CENTER is the smallest drop in this ocean of future updates.
I guess Netscape could "just" remove it from its html analyzer...
(I intentionally don't use the word "parser").

> I suspect this discussion no longer belongs on this list, but I'd be more

My first and last comment on this subject. Promised.