Re: draft-ietf-html-tables-00.txt

Scott E. Preece (
Fri, 4 Aug 95 09:12:06 EDT

From: (Amanda Walker)

| > Certainly one of the normal working rules
| > is to make every reasonable effort to avoid colliding with existing
| > practice.
| True; however, if a standards group issues a draft for experimentation and
| discussion, with specific language which prohibits people from treating it
| like a standard (i.e., *any* Internet Draft such as the HTML 3.0 draft), it
| does not then seem entirely incumbent upon such a group to conform to
| practice which results from the implementation of that document as if it were
| a standard.


Mu suggestion was, perhaps, not clear enough. I'm not saying the working group should automatically follow Netscape's experiments (though it would be foolish not to consider whether those experiments were successful or not). I was simply suggesting that they not use names used in widespread existing practice *differently* in the standard.

In other words, if you're not implementing something that is exactly in line with existing practice, call it something new.


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