Re: Globalizing URIs

Larry Masinter (
Fri, 4 Aug 95 11:36:29 EDT

> Can you elaborate on your proposal so that Francois Y. can include it in his
> draft RFC on HTML I18N?

I'm sorry, I think I sent mail to the wrong group. I was making a
recommendation for implementors of the FTP protocol stack, which (a)
is an inappropriate topic for HTML-WG and (b) is really pointless,
given the likelihood of making any changes to FTP.

I'd suggest that Francois Y. leave any discussion of 'what FTP
implementors should do' out of the HTML I18N draft.

As for URI encodings: URLs use characters to encode octets, and the
octets you need for the ftp: and http: schemes are completely
determined by the FTP and HTTP protocols. Currently, any character set
transcription of native character set to external protocol is not
specified by any standard, and I imagine attempts to add it to those
protocols will be met with some resistance. But in any case, we can't
do that work in this working group.