Re: Is this use of BASE kosher?

Dave Hollander (
Fri, 4 Aug 95 16:36:08 EDT

Thanks Dan. It seems real clear to me but, just checking - does everyone
agree that this means that when the following link is executed, the user
agent MUST not retrieve a new document and must use the current one
regardless of the base URI or if it was determined by the in the http
header or any other place outside of this document?

..<base href="http://go/bla">
..<a href="#foo">FooBar</a>
..<a name="foo">This anchor and no others!</a>
Fri Aug 4 17:53:04 1995

| Accessing Resources
| Once the address of the head anchor is determined, the user agent may
| obtain a representation of the resource, for example as in [URL].
| For example, if the base URI is `http://host/x/y.html' and the
| document contains:
| <img src="../icons/abc.gif">
| then the user agent uses the URI `http://host/icons/abc.gif' to access
| the resource linked from the IMG element.
| If the URI in the address of the head anchor is the same as the base
| URI, then the base document is sufficient as a representation of the
| resource. A user agent must not, for example, use any network
| information retrieval protocols to obtain a new representation of the
| resourse.

Dave Hollander