Re: ALT specification

Michael Johnson (
Tue, 20 Jun 95 07:38:32 EDT

>I have a suggestion for ALT attribut (IMG tag). Why don't we use it with full
>HTML syntax and not just with simple text.

This is already in HTML 3.0 in the form of the FIG tag which is similar to
the IMG tag but allows full HTML content, which is used when the graphic
cannot be, for example:

<FIG SRC="pictures">
/ \
/ \
| |_|
| __ |
| <A HREF="door.html">||</A> |

In addition, the anchor in the example could use the SHAPE attribute to
define a shaped anchor for when the graphic can be used. The shape would in
this case be a rectangle corresponding to the door in the graphic image.

It works quite nicely.

Michael Johnson
Relay Technology, Inc.