Quark XPress -> HTML, anyone?

Steve (steve@mordred.gatech.edu)
Mon, 19 Jun 1995 11:37:40 -0400 (EDT)

Hello all,

has anyone here tried the commercial Quark to HTML converter? I've checked
out MIT's Perl script, but it's not as robust as I would like. For those
interested, you can find information on it at


What I am looking for, however, is some sort of black box, or rather, a "magic
goes here" extension to Quark, such that I can create a Quark document, do
a "File | Export to HTML" and have a nice, neat, HTML page. From what the
Quark people at Comdex told me, a converter avilable from a third-party
company would do this. Has anybody used this converter, and if so, how
well does it work?

Thanks in advance,


Can't think of anything right now, other than the traditional e-mail address:
<a href="http://www.gatech.edu/steve/home.html">Steve's Page</a>