Re: Links, Types and Documents (Third time's a charm)
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Subject: Re: Links, Types and Documents (Third time's a charm)
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Date: Mon, 22 Jun 92 19:55:27 +0100

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>One of the missing pieces here is the ability of creating new h-texts, and
>adding new links to old h-texts.

I agree with you that it is important for hypertext to create automatically
new h-texts and add new links to old ones. In my point of view, the first
step to realize it is to divide links from the texts. In WWW model, links
are inside the hypertexts, which makes it very difficult.

>Hypertext, and like systems, are of limited use if they do not support
>collaboration.  I feel that this is a VERY important point.

Talking about collaboration of different hypertexts (IT IS VERY IMPORTANT.),
I feel it is more complicating. Interchange of formats of hypertexts and links
among different systems needs a better-structured hypertext model as a core.
WWW can not do it, and furthermore, it is not a good model to do it...

>When might we expect extensions to WWW that support collaboration?
>I have a few recommendations regarding new link types in WWW.  This is based
>on thinking about hyper-applications for almost 15 years, (ever since I
>first had the pleasure of hearing Ted Nelson speak in 1977.)
>Please keep in mind that these are 'front end' issues.  They should not
>affect the manner in which documents are stored.