Joseph Wang <>
Message-id: <9207251602.AA21446@CALCULUS-1.MIT.EDU>
Subject: tkWWW-0.1
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 92 12:02:21 EDT
From: Joseph Wang <>

I've uploaded a very preliminary interface to World Wide Web using the
tk toolkit to and the tcl archive in

tkWWW Version 0.1 alpha (

This a first pass at a browser for World Wide Web using the tk
library.  It is very buggy.  Use at your own risk.

The Tk browser has the following advantages.

1. Since the entire user interface is written in an interpreted 
   language, it should be very easy to make modifications and extensions
   to the system.

2. More important, it is possible to imbed Tk code into hypertext
   documents.  To see an example of this, load in the hypertext file

In order to install tkWWW you will need

   The code for the WWW line-mode browser. (anon ftp from
   Libraries for tk and tcl (I'm using tk2.1 and tcl6.3)

   A wish intepreter which contains the Hyper and XYGraph widgets

To install this program, unpack the WWW line-mode browser source and 
cd to the directory WWW.  Unpack this tar file.