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Edward Vielmetti <>
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Subject: preprint services
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 92 13:45:26 EDT
From: Edward Vielmetti <>
Here's a set of materials that would be useful to go into the web, if
it isn't there already.  If there are clients out there that support
"reply to owner of node" that would be a way to support a direct
interface to email based services -- if I recall right the EIES system
has some of that in it.


  Date: Fri, 14 Aug 92 09:15:42 EDT
  From: Roy Richter PH/32  <>
  Subject: preprint servers
  I guess sometimes things don't work right.  Oh well.
  Here a list following up on our discussion last night at SEMiSLUG.
  Roy Richter                  Internet:
  Physics Dept, GM Research    UUCP:     rphroy!rrichter
          and Environmental
  Some things I've found on preprint servers, following up on our
  SEMiSLUG discussion last night...
  Article: 26257 of sci.physics
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  From: (furio ercolessi)
  Newsgroups: uiuc.announce,sci.physics,sci.astro,sci.math
  Subject: ANNOUNCE: Automated preprint distribution facility
  Keywords: preprint condensed matter physics astrophysics functional analysis
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  Date: 21 May 92 06:46:14 GMT
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  Organization: MRL - UIUC
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  Xref: rphroy sci.physics:26257 sci.astro:19692 sci.math:23310
  	Starting from April 1992, fully automated bulletin boards 
  	for preprints in physics and mathematics are available 
  	at SISSA (International School for Advanced Studies), Trieste, 
  	Italy.   The service is free and people are welcome to use it.
  	Preprints can be submitted and retrieved.  It is also possible 
  	to subscribe to a daily distribution list, containing authors 
  	and abstracts of the papers just submitted to the board.
  	The boards are operated by sending commands by e-mail to
  	the appropriate Internet address:
  	-   for condensed matter physics
  	-   for astrophysics
  	-   for functional analysis
  	An analogous service, based on the same software, is
  	provided by Los Alamos National Lab for high energy
  	physics preprints:
  	-         for high energy physics, theory
  	-         for high energy physics, phenomenological
  	Preprints are in TeX/LaTeX format. Facilities to use special 
  	macros are available.  Figures in PostScript format may be
  	also submitted.  Anonymous ftp access is also possible.
  	For further details, instructions, disclaimers, etc, please 
  	send a mail with Subject: help  to the address of the desired 
  Article: 30771 of sci.physics
  Path: rphroy!!usc!!destroyer!ncar!uchinews!!trivedi
  From: (Anil Trivedi)
  Newsgroups: sci.physics,sci.astro,sci.math
  Subject: Re: Preprint Servers: Is there a list...?
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  Date: 12 Aug 92 07:46:07 GMT
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  Organization: University of Chicago
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  Xref: rphroy sci.physics:30771 sci.astro:22367 sci.math:26084 writes:
   > I think the automated preprint servers which are popping up at various
   > sites are a wonderful idea but how does one find out about new
   > servers and what topics the current servers cover?
  The servers I am aware of are: (algebraic geometry)           (astrophysics)           (condensed matter)           (functional analysis, n.b.: not fun-anal)            (computational and lattice physics)		     (general relativity / quantum cosmology)		     ...a duplicate of the above archive...                 (high energy physics phenomenological)             ...a duplicate of the above archive...                 (high energy physics formal)             ...a duplicate of the above archive...              (liquid crystals, optical materials)                 (e-mail address database)
  Notice that the last one is not a preprint server but an e-mail address
  Notice also that qc-gr, hep-ph, and hep-th archives are duplicated
  at two sites; so choose the nearer one.
  To get the basic information file from any server, send mail to that
  server with the Subject line set as "Subject: help".