saving documents, losing links

Edward Vielmetti <>
Message-id: <>
Subject: saving documents, losing links
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 92 21:34:14 EST
From: Edward Vielmetti <>
it should, at least i think it should, be possible once you have come
across a piece of the web that you're interested in to save it off
to the side (in source form) so that you can look at it again or
add it to your own hoard of stuff.

i went to the 'jargon' section of the web, as served by, to look something up.  (I wanted to see whether
the hacker's dictionary had a definition for 'firmware', since
there's a harangue going on about it in comp.infosystems.  i located
a nice entry on '-ware' which looked pretty interesting and went
to save that to a file (using the command 'source >
$HOME/archives/ware.html' from the line mode browser).

to my slight surprise and dismay, when I went to visit the document
again (using the command 'www ~/archives/ware.html') all of the cross
reference links were just gone.  looking around a little bit I think
that a simple sed command like
	sed -e 's/HREF=A/HREF=\/A/g'
or thereabouts would put things right.

should making a copy of a piece of the web simply be a verbatim
copy of the source, or should it try to make relative links absolute?

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