Re: c.i.w3 instead of mailing list

Tony Sanders <>
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Subject: Re: c.i.w3 instead of mailing list 
In-Reply-To: Kevin Altis's message of Thu, 07 Oct 93 11:31:20 -0800.
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Date: Thu, 07 Oct 1993 14:32:26 -0500
From: Tony Sanders <>
> USENET, but c.i.w3 has a high noise level, so if we make a complete switch
> I think a proposal needs to go forth for comp.infosystems.www.programmers
I'll second that but without the ``s'' since that's
what other groups seem to use:

However, I don't think the www-talk list should go away, just become
smaller.  Maybe just for people interested in specific details of new
protocol implementations.  That will move all the new traffic into the
news group (the "how does this feature of HTTP/HTML work" type questions)
and leave www-talk open for new frontiers.