Re: 'External' viewers

Jean-Francois Groff <>
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 93 13:59:26 +0100
From: Jean-Francois Groff <>
Message-id: <>
Subject: Re: 'External' viewers
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>>> On Thu, October 7, Kevin Altis said:
 > I wouldn't complain so loudly if the most common window
 > managers did a half decent job of letting you navigate around more than a
 > handful of windows, but they don't. Most of our current operating
 > system/window managers don't have a clue when it comes to color models
 > either (unless they're 24-bit or higher) so the more windows with different
 > colors the more screwed up your display gets. I absolutely refuse to spend
 > my entire day minimizing and maximizing all my stupid windows and trying to
 > decide which icon really represents the document I want to look at. The Mac
 > (with a system extension or two) is the only machine I've ever used that
 > deals with lots of windows and lots of colors in a sensible way. Since
 > nobody else seems to be going in that direction, I want to keep the number
 > of windows to a minimum.

-- Begin blatant praise --

  Try NEXTSTEP ! It looks great on Intel boxes now (486 and Pentium),
and will also run on HP/PA, Power PC and DEC Alpha next year. It does
windows and colors right, crisp and fast, and it's a delight to program.

-- End blatant praise --

  I'm working on a new WWW browser/viewer/editor under NEXTSTEP. The
design goal is to reconcile ease of use for mere mortals with power
features for WWWWizards, and to bring authoring capabilities to everyone.
Those of you interested are welcome to contact me offline for discussion.

	Jean-Francois Groff <>