Gopher server dedicated to WWW presentation

Arthur Secret <>
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From: Arthur Secret <>
Subject: Gopher server dedicated to WWW presentation
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 93 17:39:02 MET
In-Reply-To: <>; from "Richard W Wiggins" at Aug 11, 93 3:38 pm
Mailer: Elm [revision: 70.85]
:> In "marketing" WWW, it's important that information be accessible to
:> *folks who are not yet on the Web*. I've suggested to TimBL
:> that CERN run a tiny Gopher for this purpose, with perhaps a single
:> descriptive document, a Telnet Lynx session, and a GIF screen image from
:> Mosaic. This newsgroup layout would be similarly accessible to the
:> masses who haven't yet seen the Web, while splitting off the voluminous
:> developer dialogue.
:> /Rich Wiggins, Gopher Coordinator, Michigan State U
There is now a gopher server at dedicated to WWW presentation !

It is new and surely has plenty of omissions. Please mail them to, as well as places where to pick up screen dumps
of new products.

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