WWW based Library Catalog

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Subject: WWW based Library Catalog
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Date: Thu, 4 Nov 93 11:11:08 MEZ
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we are trying to put the catalog of our institutes library on our WWW-Server.
This is not only a service to our students or institute members, but
would increase the acceptance of our WWW-server as the main electronic
information media by a large amount.

Here is my question:
Putting the titles, and later the fact if the book is lent or not,
from the librarians software to ascii and then into the
html-format is easy enough. The question is how to part the mass of
data into reasonable pieces and indexing it, so
that our students can retrieve the status of a particular book or
the titles of some papers matching a searchpattern. Do you know of an
existing solution for such a problem? It would be nice of you to mail
me an address or tip. Thank you in advance.

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