Re: CERN httpd 2.13 and libwww 2.13 released (Rob McCool)
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From: (Rob McCool)
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 1993 17:09:56 -0600
In-Reply-To: (Ari Luotonen)
       "CERN httpd 2.13 and libwww 2.13 released" (Nov  4, 11:37am)
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Subject: Re: CERN httpd 2.13 and libwww 2.13 released
 * CERN httpd 2.13 and libwww 2.13 released  by Ari Luotonen (
 *    written on Nov  4, 11:37am.


 * httpd 2.13:
 * 	* Server Script support (/htbin-URLs); compatible with
 * 	  that of NCSA's (including redirection), but
 * 	    - no need for scripts to translate escaped
 * 	      special characters

Is this considered a feature? If you look, ours does an unescape_url and a
plus_to_space on the args before they're sent. The problem is that a lot of
scripts end up re-assembling what the server sent them. In addition to that,
if a script has an argument that is an & but encoded as %xx, and the server
decodes it and sends it to the script, the form decoding scripts will become

So, the next release of NCSA httpd will not do any decoding of the
arguments, and will send them all as argv[1], and support programs and code
will be provided for scripts to do this themselves. That way, forms scripts
can split on & instead of +, et al.

 * 	    - full AA support for scripts as any documents
 * 	    - scripts can seem to have a "directory structure"