Oh, yes, one other thing...

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Subject: Oh, yes, one other thing...
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I neglected to mention a quasi-new-feature in the release
announcement.  It may break a lot, but let's see if it does...

Cello now incorporates a "peek mode", which is intended to deal with
the ever-growing problem of Gopher Bloat -- 1 zillion K files placed
on Gopher servers by people who don't know better.  If you hold down
the CTRL key while clicking on a Gopher or HTTP link, only the first 4
K of the file will be retrieved and shown.  You can then use
File/Reload document to get the full version if it proves interesting.

This makes no attempt to deal with things like incomplete anchors or
selector strings, so it may have some interesting effects... we'll
make it sophisticated later.

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