New Version of the Emacs WWW Browser

"William M. Perry,,855-2896,331-9062" <>
Subject: New Version of the Emacs WWW Browser
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1993 07:04:40 +0000
Message-id: <>
From: "William M. Perry,,855-2896,331-9062" <>
Hello folks,

   This is to announce version 1.5Beta of the emacs world wide web browser.
This is getting very close to a non-beta release, and I would like some
additional testing done before I officially call it 1.0 and stable.  Here
is part of the README:

Features of the Emacs WWW Browser
Date: Tue Nov 16 06:48:11 1993
Version: 1.50Beta

What does the emacs browser do?

The emacs browser will allow you to access this great information service, all
from within emacs.  The emacs browser supports all major network protocols.

	* FTP: transparently finds files over ftp by using ange-ftp.
	  Directories on remote sites can be viewed either with dired or
	  converted into a simple hypertext document and viewed like all the
	* NNTP: uses the nntp.el package by Masanobu UMEDA to retrieve news
	  articles and then converts them into hypertext documents.  There is
	  no support for reading the users .newsrc yet, but it is planned for
	  the future.
	* Gopher: Can either use the gopher.el package by Scott Snyder, or
	  convert the gopher output into hypertext and view it normally in
	* HTTP: This is the World Wide Web's hypertext transfer protocol used
	  to request hypertext documents.  The preferred way to retrieve Web
	  documents.  Uses open-network-stream, but also has support for using
	  an external program in a subprocess (to get around firewalls, or
	  similar obstacles).

Features of the emacs WWW browser:
	* Extremely portable - if your machine can run emacs, odds are it
	  can use the emacs browser.  (has been run on DOS, Windows, OS/2,
	  NeXTstep, Xwindows, vt100s, etc)
	* Easy to use from other elisp programs (functions to easily parse
	  a buffer for just links, etc.  For GNUS & VM users)
	* Support for different fonts, bold, italics, etc, if in Xwindows and
	  using Emacs 19, Epoch, or Lucid Emacs.
	* Mouse support if in Emacs 19, Epoch, Lucid Emacs, or NeXT Emacs.
	* Fill out forms support as specified in the HTML+ specification, plus
	  all the Xmosaic extensions.  Forms work on tty's and in Xwindows.
	* Compatibility with Xmosaic so they can use the same hotlist file,
	  global history file, and personal annotation directory.
	* Lots of HTML+ support - headers/paragraphs with ID support,
	  RENDER hints, NOTE tags, etc.
	* Full image support within Epoch.
		* Images are cached
		* Delayed image loading
	* Full HTTP/1.0 support, including redirection, authentication, and
	  specifying viewers by MIME types.
		* Can specify MIME viewers in emacs lisp, or let it parse
		  your .mailcap file directly.
		* Fairly complete listing of file extensions and what MIME
		  types they represent, plus the ability to change them.
		* 'Basic' authorization works, and public key is being
		  worked on.
	* Can print or save a document you are viewing in HTML source,
	  formatted output, or LaTeX source.  (LaTeX is converted to
	  postscript before printing).
	* Ability to 'preview' any emacs buffer as an HTML document.
	* Lots more

Where can I get the emacs WWW browser:
	* You can always ftp the latest and greatest from in
	  /pub/elisp/w3.  The files you will need are w3.tar.z and
	  extras.tar.z.  If you already have ange-ftp, nntp, and gopher.el
	  installed, you will only need the w3.tar.z file.

Please send me some mail if you get this package, so that I can get a rough
estimate of how many people are using it, and so I can send you mail if I
find a really urgent mistake. :)  Doesn't happen often anymore, but just in

   Bill Perry,

PS: I will be in Ireland for the next 10 days or so - not sure what my
email access will be like, but probably limited to non-existent.  Please
send in bug reports, but be prepared for a wait.  Please feel free to use
the mailing list for questions/discussion.