Re: Future browsers... (Kevin Altis)
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Date: Sat, 20 Nov 1993 17:59:14 -0800
To: Sebastian Francis Heath <>,
From: (Kevin Altis)
Subject: Re: Future browsers...
Cc: Aleksandar Totic <>
At  7:42 PM 11/20/93 -0500, Sebastian Francis Heath wrote:
>While it is true that all Mac applications can be customized
>with resedit and that I will happily resort to this if need
>be, I do not consider this the optimal implementation of a
>kiosk ready client.  Most museum people I know would not
>want to mess with resedit.

No problem. Just write a small application that modifies the ResEdit
resources for them automatically (this is a very simple app). You would
want to change the default window size and placement and get rid of command
key combinations such as Command-Q for Quit. The worst item is that Mosaic
isn't built with the concept of hiding the menu bar (that I know of) so you
would probably want to adjust the monitors on the kiosks so that the top 20
pixels of the screen isn't visible by changing the vertical positioning.

Okay, that is a hack and a half, but hey it works and it is cheap, safe,
and doesn't require making lots of special hooks into the application.