Re: X Mosaic, FTP and PASV (Frederick G.M. Roeber)
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1993 11:12:59 +0100
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From: (Frederick G.M. Roeber)
Subject: Re: X Mosaic, FTP and PASV
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Friday evening, I said:

>> If we had a place for storing information related to a document,
>> (do we?  There's talk about a "Hyperdoc" type in HTAnchor.c, but
>> it's never flushed out.), then the size (as a number) should be
>> put there.  Then all those browsers that currently give transfer
>> status in bytes could give it as a percentage.

Then Dave replied:
>In the HTML+ spec I introduced a SIZE attribute for anchors with
>this in mind. People persuaded me to take it out, but maybe we
>should put it back again :-)

Actually, I meant in the standard libwww C code..  I'm one of the
folks who's firmly in the "information like this doesn't belong
in the html anchor" camp myself.

I was thinking that if the in-memory structures the browsers used
for the document anchors had such spaces, then perhaps another 
selection (e.g., shift-m1 or m3) could get and display header 
information from protocols (like http) which support it.  Things
like ftp, where directory listings give it for free, would just
stick it in.

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