Re: comments on HTTP draft of 5 Nov 93

Jim Davis <>
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1993 17:58:27 -0500
From: Jim Davis <>
Message-id: <>
Subject: Re: comments on HTTP draft of 5 Nov 93

> From sanders@BSDI.COM Wed Dec  8 15:14:52 1993
> No, the browser GET's the URL and says to itself "hey, I can search
> using this URL and this method".  Then it changes the user interface
> so the user also knows this fact ... .  Not all objects returned
> by HTTP are HTML.  This information *MUST* be allowed in the object
> meta-information (aka the HTTP header) because not all data types allow

Oh!  I get it.  In the old days, the browser saw an ISINDEX
HTML tag, and that made the "Search Keywords" field activate.
But this could only work for HTML documents.  So the idea
is to put the information (that the object is searchable
in such-and-such way) into the object header instead of the

If that's the real and true reason, then the RFC should explain

But my argument about ISMAP still makes sense doesn't it?  It's
one thing to "blindly" search a document with text keywords,
it's another to submit a pair of X Y coordinates.

And I certainly see the need for this information now.  But
tell me, do the existing browsers check for these methods in
the header?  My server certainly is not returning them at present,
and things still work, but perhaps that's because they are not
needed when the data is HTML.