Workshop on Intelligent Access to On-line Digital Libraries

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Subject: Workshop on Intelligent Access to On-line Digital Libraries
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**********************  CALL FOR PARTICIPATION  **********************

       Workshop on Intelligent Access to On-line Digital Libraries  

                           IEEE CAIA '94 
			 Marriott Riverwalk   
                         San Antonio, Texas

                       Tuesday, March 1, 1994  

The rate of information production in our global society is taking place
thousands of times faster than our population growth. The linkages of
high speed networks, fiberized telephone lines, and large capacity
information bases will facilitate creation of digital libraries which 
are expected to provide many kinds of information. Due to their widely 
distributed and diversified clientele, these emerging libraries will   
require intelligent management of information. The purpose of this workshop 
is to focus on how intelligent data management and intelligent presentation 
systems will allow better information services to end-users of next 
generation, mass-scale, robust information architectures. 

This workshop will attract researchers and designers of on-line 
digital libraries (DLs) that are being applied to data analysis problems,
educational and publication media, and entertainment services. Through  
a discussion of some generic issues that effect the design of digital  
libraries, it is the goal of the workshop to produce a reference model   
of such libraries based on the access, interface, and communication    
requirements of a small range of application domains. In line with this,      
the following is a list of possible topics for consideration at the 

I. Basic Architectural Issues. 

  - Comparing DLs with traditional libraries and data management systems 

  - Relationship between DL architecture and intended or expected use

  - Generality of retrieval models s.t. they are usable in multiple 
    domains, and for multiple DL clients. 
  - Basic DL building blocks and scaling issues

  - DL reference models - one or many?

  - Integrating DLs with other information processing elements, for
    example, data analysis tools, supercomputers, and end-user applications

II. Information Retrieval. 

   - Browsing approaches for large, distributed on-line libraries,
     including experience with Mosaic, WAIS, and other browsers     

   - Query language paradigms

   - Searching, filtering, summarizing of multimedia information

   - Knowbots, intelligent agents, intelligent gatekeepers

   - Personalized, interactive news and publication services

III. Information Organization.

   - Multimedia information models (hypertext, relational, etc.)

   - Indexing, classification and merging of information clips

   - Document management

IV. Information Presentation Mediums.

  - Intelligent, interactive data visualization systems

  - Dynamic, task-based multimedia interfaces

  - Dialogue management between DL client and DL server    


Workshop participation will be limited to twenty people. It is
expected that all participants are active researchers, or are
interested in the design and development of digital libraries,    
information retrieval systems, or multimedia interfaces. Participants 
should submit position papers through electronic mail (preferred), 
regular mail or FAX by January 15, 1994.   
Position papers can be a review, original research contributions, 
extensions of previous work, or applications briefs. Participants
will be selected based on their position papers by the workshop  
organizers. Participants will have an opportunity to resubmit 
their papers for possible post-workshop publication.  Please
e-mail or send (4 copies, please) position papers to the workshop
chair at the address included below. 
The fee for a one-day workshop is $75 (only if you do not register
for the CAIA '94 conference), which includes breaks and lunch. 
Registration forms will be sent to participants by IEEE CAIA
(Conference on Artificial Intelligence for Applications) '94. 
For more information on IEEE CAIA '94, contact:

Peter Selfridge 
AT&T Bell Laboratories 
Murray Hill, NJ 07974 
Phone: 908-582-6801


Zahid Ahmed, San Diego Supercomputer Center
Robert Akscyn, Knowledge Systems 
Nicholas Belkin, Rutgers University 
Edward Fox, Virginia Polytechnic Institute 
Thomas Kirk, AT&T Bell Laboratories 
Scott Stevens, Carnegie-Mellon University  

Workshop Chair:

Zahid Ahmed
San Diego Supercomputer Center
University of California, San Diego, 0505 
9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, CA 92093-0505

Phone : (619)-534-5105
FAX   : (619)-534-5113