Re: Is there any caching ... (Guenther Fischer)
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Subject: Re: Is there any caching ...
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 1993 10:18:06 +0100 (MET)
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> > - It would be nice if I could say
> >      xmosaic -cacheserver a_local_host:port
> >   and xmosaic would connect to a_local_host:port and write
> >   GET /host[:port/...      (full http URL without prologue http:/ )
> export WWW_http_GATEWAY=http://localcachingserver

Oh yes - this does the job - thank you very much - I don't see this
in the documents. 

> > - this "cache" erver is a plexus and I've hacked in the
> >   to do the job (craeting directories and getting the file and
> >   putting them to the clients)
> >   It runs on a separate port - the port number is my "mapping"
> >   to the mother server.
> Very Cool.  If you ever make it production quality (and can port it to
> 3.0 when it comes out) I would love to integrate this into the release.
Is there a (Beta) version of 3.0? With your hint WWW_http_GATEWAY I'll
do some work on it.
But this is only the first step. 
Now I can create a "global" cache (not only for GNN).
But what to do with the cache after some times (days, ours ??).

The GNN solution: GNN will give updates to local distributors (weekly).
If my cache runs it could be a remove of all expired documents - the
list of expired documents I get from GNN - I hope.

This is a special solution but a good one for such a big but stable
document tree.

If I have a TTL value per file I could reget it if the value expires
or better get first only the Last-Modified: Expires:Content-Length:
but the serve must be able to give it to me.

> > Are there other/better solutions to do such a job? How can I get 
> > infomations like filesize and date?
> >From the returned Object for HTTP/1.0 servers.
> You'll want to handle things like:
>     Last-Modified:
>     Expires:
>     Content-Length:

Oh yes - thats what I want. Is there a server who gives me that for a file
without the file itself?

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